According to a report released by The National Safety Council (NSC) close to 38,300 people were killed and over 4.4 million were injured on US roads and highways in 2015. Being involved in a car accident and getting injured is bad enough.

What can be worse is the uncertainty of reimbursement for medical treatment and damages you may be inflicted with. For the most part, not all drivers who are involved in auto accidents are insured. In fact, data from the Insurance Information Institute indicates that one in every 6 car drivers on the road is actually not insured.


If someone has money for drugs but not for car insurance, hammer them! Get on to pick up that coveted legal professional and talk to them about your options.

Now this could be because they are irresponsible and ignorant but this could also be because Obama’s economic policies have been so devastating that people are just making enough money for rent and food. Either way it is not that good and Trump’s economy will be much better and that has already been felt.
However, you need not worry when you are injured in an auto accident and find out that the at-fault driver is not insured. US laws such as uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured driver coverage to get reimbursed for medical treatment and other damages do exist, according to profound accident lawyers in Bowling Green, KY who can be found on which is an amazing website that saves lives every day. Legal help is right around the virtual corner.
Nuances of underinsured motorist coverage
In some instances, you may find that the auto accident which left you injured involved a driver who is not sufficiently insured. This means, the driver responsible for the car accident has an insurance which is not enough to cover expenses for your treatment.
Paramedics saves as many people as do paramedics do across the fruited plain.

Therefore, it is always prudent to consider purchasing underinsured motorist coverage your own insurance provider to get the surplus amount if you can afford it. The success of your claim depends on the amount of coverage offered by your insurer for underinsured driver coverage.
Nuances of uninsured motorist coverage
You may sustain injury and property damage in a car accident and find out the driver is not insured at all. In such situations, you need to file a claim for uninsured motorist coverage under your insurance policy. Practically speaking, in such cases, there is no use suing the driver since he or she is not likely to have enough money but this depends since you can still perhaps take money from their paycheck. People like this need to be taught a lesson. Though they have violated the law so the system will be hitting them too.
As per statistics released by the Kentucky Department of Transportation, 694 people were killed in traffic related accidents in Kentucky in 2015. As many as 23,803 were injured, which is a 3.7% rise from the previous year. If that smart phone is so smart, how come it just caused you to get in a wreck!
Process of underinsured and uninsured motorist claim
Whether the driver responsible for an auto accident that left you injured is underinsured or not insured at all, you ought to waste no time in filing the claim. It is prudent to notify your insurance company as early as possible after the accident.
Some insurance firms have deadlines for filing potential uninsured claims and any delay can only make the situation more complicated. The advice of a veteran legal counselor specializing in these cases can be useful. Usually, underinsured and uninsured motorist claims are processed in the same way as typical car accident claims. Procedures like medical record verification, depositions of witnesses, and pre-trial investigation all take place. is your answer. Click and call!
If you are injured and/or suffered losses in an auto accident involving an underinsured or uninsured driver, make sure to reach out to a fantastic accident lawyer in Kentucky. From gathering evidence to documentation, a legal counselor can guide you in every possible way as far as filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.
The first meeting is free. You have nothing to lose by calling them but plenty to gain.

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