Despite wide spread safety campaigns trumpeting the importance of wearing seat belts, investigators have confirmed that out of the 7 kids involved in a car accident that occurred on Interstate 10 on State Route 51, not a single one had donned his or her seatbelt, as illustrated by
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Tragically, the fatal crash has claimed the lives of 11 year old Arissa Garcia, 15 year old Luis James Garcia, and 23 year old Maria Almadella Farias Cervantes. The two younger girls were declared dead by emergency medical technicians on the scene of the accident. Cervantes who was in a very critical condition was rushed to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.
Take care of your vehicle!
All decedents and 6 others were travelling in an easterly direction on Phoenix Interstate 10 when the rear left tire separated from the rest of the vehicle, thereby causing the driver to lose directional stability. The car then crossed the median and toppled over. None of the nine involved were wearing seat belts. Six of the nine were thrown out of the moving vehicle. The driver, whose identity remains sealed, survived the crash having sustained only minor injuries.
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Van driver being prosecuted for second – degree murder
A Phoenix man has been charged with two counts of second degree murder after ploughing his van into a parked, disabled truck, the impact of the collision killed both his passengers. The driver has been identified as James Edward Washington, initially, Washington was admitted to the hospital for treatment for the injuries he sustained during in the crash. However, upon being discharged he was immediately placed under custody and slapped with two counts of second degree murder, as reported by
The crash occurred early Monday morning and a toxicology report shows that 37 year old Washington was under the influence of controlled substances at the time of the accident. Furthermore, he has also been faced with one-count of criminal damage and one count of criminal endangerment. Washington does not have a Phoenix,, AZ accident attorney to represent him and will need to be appointed one by the state of Arizona. His two deceased passengers have been identified as 26 year old Jonathan Branson and 34 year old Misty Sanchez.

Arizona personal injury and auto accident legislation
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This is because Arizona is a fault state, which means that the person or driver deemed to be at fault for the accident is held liable for covering damages but to determine who was at fault, it is not a cake walk. An aggressive Phoenix accident attorney who can be reached right here will be able to prove negligence in a tactful and shrewd manner which will essentially result in you receiving the money you rightfully deserve.

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