Even if someone unintentionally causes severe injuries or harm to you while driving, it is still possible to bring them to civil court to be paid for medical treatment and other losses. 

There were media reports of a 3 year old child who was killed in a parking lot accident in Johnston, Iowa.

Driver runs over child in an apartment parking lot

The incident happened on Merle Hay Road’s 6300 block in the parking lot for the Cadence Apartment Building. Local police reported that a 23 year old driver struck a child on a Sunday afternoon. They simply said that the situation was a tragic accident and they offered their support to the family. The Iowa State Patrol was in the process of responding to the area to assist with the investigation. 

The suspect was not charged criminally or given any traffic citations at the time of the report, but the investigation was ongoing and no foul play was suspected. The names of the child and driver responsible were released the following day by the Johnston Police Department. 

Accidents involving young people 

When a young person is involved in a serious accident, they may experience permanent injuries to the brain and other important organs, or the incident may be fatal. While motor vehicle accidents are a common source of these kinds of injuries, other types of incidents may be responsible as well. 

If the victim’s ability to work, function normally, or develop properly is affected by these injuries, an attorney can make an argument for financial compensation based on these future projected losses. The victim may also be able to make an argument for non-economic damages related to emotional pain and suffering if their quality of life is severely affected. 

How does an insurance claim help?

All drivers are required to have at least some kind of basic liability coverage related to car accidents. However, these are usually meant to cover collision damage to cars, property damage, and minor injuries that require a few thousand dollars or less worth of medical treatment. More serious accidents will usually require legal help. 

It is important to file an insurance claim if you have coverage, but there are limitations to the insurance process. Claims are routinely denied, even if it seems that coverage should provide financial help based on the specific facts of your accident. Most injury lawyers can also assist with the insurance process, or they can offer a referral to someone who handles these claims.

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