When a driver loses control of their vehicle, the results can be catastrophic if there are many other cars in the area or they were traveling at a high rate of speed. 

The Iowa State Patrol responded to the scene of a fatal accident in Decatur County, south of the Des Moines area where the vehicle was hit with a great amount of force and went into a nearby ditch. 

Young man dies after driving on wrong side of the road

The crash happened at around 10 am on a Thursday morning on Route 69 southbound, near the town of Le Roy. For unknown reasons, the driver suddenly crossed over into the northbound lanes. There was a collision between the driver and another vehicle going in the opposite direction. The driver then went into a ditch on the roadside. 

The driver was a 34 year old male from Garden Grove, Iowa. He was transported to a hospital nearby, but a short time later he was pronounced dead from his injuries. The driver of the second car and a passenger inside were also injured, but they were expected to recover. The state police plan to investigate further and interview witnesses to determine the cause of the accident. They also kept the immediate area closed while the scene was secured. 

Severe injuries and death after an automobile accident

There are a number of different things to consider after an accident that results in permanent injuries or death. Many of these factors will be used to assist in the calculation of a damage award to a victim during a civil lawsuit. 

A person who has a reduced quality of life and inability to work as normal due to a car accident should look into their legal options. Many of the largest civil verdicts are paid out to someone who was seriously hurt by another driver. This is because a plaintiff’s lawyer will argue that a settlement agreement or jury verdict related to their case should compensate the victim for these severe losses. 

Fatal accidents implicate another area of the civil law governed by Iowa’s wrongful death statute. These types of lawsuits are similar to most other car accident cases, but they allow a spouse or child to stand in the victim’s place for the purposes of the legal action. The family can also make an argument for all of the deceased person’s future lost wages and income. 

Iowa injury lawyers are available

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