Iowa highway intersection becomes the scene of multiple fatalities

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Iowa City, IA – Drivers do not always see or pay attention to traffic control devices such as stop signs. While these are meant to help prevent the chances of an accident at intersections and other dangerous areas, crashes still happen at times, especially if a driver is distracted or careless. 

According to the Quad City Times, multiple people died during a serious collision in Muscatine County, Iowa [1]. 

Fatal crash at two highway intersection

The state police responded to an incident involving two vehicles. They received an emergency call at approximately 2:30 pm on a Sunday afternoon in the area of Iowa Highway 38 and County Road F70. Law enforcement believes that there was a Toyota Highlander going eastbound on F70 and a Dodge pickup truck  going northbound on Highway 38. There is a stop sign at the intersection where these roads meet, but the Toyota vehicle did not stop as required. Muscatine township sent out their local EMS and fire department to assist the state police with their efforts at the scene. 

State police will continue to investigate, as three people apparently died in the collision. There was no identifying information given about the victims or which vehicle they occupied.   

Fatal accidents and the legal process

In all situations where there is a motor vehicle accident, the people involved have the ability to contact their insurance company and speak with an attorney to try to receive compensation for their losses. In most cases, this only involves things like property damage and the costs of medical treatment at a hospital. However, in fatal accidents, the legal process can be much more complex. Instead of a standard personal injury lawsuit, the victim’s family can bring a wrongful death action on their behalf. 

Wrongful death lawsuits

A wrongful death case related to a fatal crash can provide various types of financial support for family members. This generally includes funeral and burial costs, the losses related to the person’s future lost wages and earning potential, their final medical treatment, and non-economic compensation for the family’s pain and suffering. The process to bring the case and negotiate a settlement can be different from other accident lawsuits, so it is best for families that need assistance to find a lawyer with experience in fatal accident cases. 

Accident attorneys are available in Iowa

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