Fort Lauderdale, Florida, When Slip and Fall Accidents Lead to Serious Injuries

Iowa City, IA – Businesses are liable for injuries and accidents that happen on their property. There is an area of the civil law related to premises liability which deals with how someone can file a lawsuit against the owner of a property where an injury occurred. Like most other civil lawsuits, the amount of compensation available will depend on the specifics of their injuries, and the conduct of the property owner who is responsible for the losses. 

What is the definition of premises liability?

This term is used to describe liability for a property owner who was responsible for an injury to another person because of a condition on their property that was unsafe or problematic. This is similar to a standard negligence case, in the sense that an owner should have exercised reasonable care to prevent harm to individuals on their land, in their buildings, and other possible situations. Common sources of injury on a property include ice, flooding, inclement weather, swimming pools, hazardous materials, chemical spills, or elevators and stairs. There is a general duty to ensure that expected guests and customers will not have to endure harm from these obstacles. Many property insurance policies factor these kinds of losses into their premiums to help pay for losses after an incident.  

After someone is hurt, there is usually a factual inquiry to determine whether the owner of the area was actually negligent or if they had an affirmative duty to fix any problems. As a general rule of tort law, property owners are not held accountable for conditions that were created by other individuals, or if they did not have a reasonable opportunity to inspect and repair these problems. 

Calculation of damages after an injury

The most important piece of information for many accident victims is the value of their case and their potential to receive compensation. In many situations, this amount is contingent on the severity of the incident and the costs to treat the person’s problems such as medical conditions and lost wages due to missed time from work. Lawyers refer to the sum of all of these costs as damages, and they will list this amount in the initial pleading that is filed in the local courts to begin a lawsuit. 

Attorneys who deal with accidents and injuries are available to assist local clients

When someone has been injured due to the fault of a property owner or any other accident, it is best to speak with a legal professional about the possibility of a lawsuit and other courses of action. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a local firm in Iowa that has been recognized for their commitment to the success and satisfaction of their clients. 

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