How do Michigan’s no-fault insurance laws affect the car accident claims process?

New London, CT – All drivers pay into auto insurance policies for some kind of basic protection after an accident. However, there are conditions and limitations regarding exactly what kinds of losses an insurance company will pay for, and the total amount that they will pay out to any given driver. Adjustments can be made for greater coverage, but drivers are also expected to pay more into their policy to receive a larger payout in case of an accident. Personal injury lawsuits are also an option that is available after a collision. Victims of serious accidents are more likely to be compensated sufficiently from a lawsuit than an insurance claim. 

Types of coverage from a relevant policy

Auto insurance is the primary way that drivers get help following their collision. This is meant to cover both property damage and bodily injuries. The driver is also protected from liability for lawsuits up to several thousand dollars. A typical claim tied to an auto accident will usually pay somewhere from a few thousand dollars if only property damage is involved, to approximately fifteen thousand dollars for accidents that involve injuries. However, the most severe accidents are not likely to be sufficiently covered by auto insurance policies and associated payouts. 

The procedure after an accident

All drivers should contact the local police to report the accident, and then contact their insurance company and follow their instructions. Simply leaving the scene of an accident, even if it is very minor, is illegal. It may also be beneficial to take pictures and gather some basic forms of evidence at the scene if possible.  

Some accident victims will choose to get legal help from an attorney. Civil lawsuits can result in compensation through a settlement agreement or after a jury reaches a verdict following a trial. Because healthcare for injuries can quickly become expensive, this process is often the only way for someone who has thousands or millions of dollars worth of costs and losses to get sufficient help. The lawyer for the victim will name the driver responsible as a defendant in the case and file their initial complaint in the local court system. This document will outline the victim’s losses and give a brief summary of why the defendant is responsible. There will be a chance to respond and exchange information from both sides. 

Accident attorneys in Connecticut

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