The state of Missouri works as an at-fault state when it comes to claiming insurance after an accident. This basically means that drivers who get into an accident have the option of claiming their own insurance after an accident, or they have the option of claiming the other driver’s insurance as well. Drivers also have a third option of filing a lawsuit for personal injury directly against the driver who was at fault.

If I am not insured, can I still get compensated after an accident?

According to Missouri House Bill 339, if a driver is not insured they are not allowed to collect any non-economic loss after they get into an accident.  What this means is if an uninsured driver gets into an accident, they can only collect the money for medical expenses from the party who was at fault. However, if a drunk driver causes the accident or if the insurance of a person was canceled without appropriate notification then a person may be allowed to collect for other damages as well.
If a person wants to make an automobile insurance claim they should get in touch with an accident lawyer in Clayton, MO. A legal professional can educate a person on their rights and inform them of the legal options they have before them. It is always safer to go forward in a legal situation with an experienced lawyer by one’s side because it saves a person from making the wrong statements and decisions concerning their case.

What if I still need more money after the claim?

If the insurance claim is not enough to cover a person’s damages, they have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit. An attorney can help a person gathers evidence to prove that the other driver acted negligently and therefore, needs to pay them.  A lawyer will also collect relevant evidence to prove to the court that the driver has more bills which need to be paid as a result of the accident.
A person can generally claim damages for lost income, medical bills, damage done to their property, and even the pain and suffering they were forced to endure because of the experience. If a person was hurt more severely and they lost out more after the accident, they have the right to make a larger claim.
Winning the case in court will depend on how much evidence a person can gather. The more evidence a person has to prove their expenses and to prove the other driver was negligent, the more chances they have of being appropriately compensated.
It is important to note that if a person is found partially responsible for the accident they will lose out on that much compensation. For instance, if a person is awarded $10,000, but they were 30% responsible for the accident, they will only get to take home $7000. A lawyer can help convince the court that a person was less at fault for the accident so that they walk home with a larger settlement.