Yuma, AZ – As a general rule, drivers should always try to follow the proper procedures after any accident. However, there are some situations where an accident does not appear to be very consequential. The driver should make contact with the others involved and use their discretion regarding whether to contact the police or not based on several factors. The insurance company may not need to be notified immediately after the collision, but it is a good idea to do so within a day or two of the collision and make sure the notice is given within the timeframe of the specific policy

Very minor accidents

In situations where it is clear that no one was hurt and there is no noticeable damage at all, it is not necessary to report the collision. This is especially true in situations where the driver is concerned that their insurance rates will increase after a reported accident. However, if there is any doubt at all, the driver should report the incident as a form of protection if someone else involved will make a claim at a later time.  

Situations where the insurance company and police should always be notified

If there are any kind of injuries to people involved or noticeable property damage, it is best to notify the proper authorities. At times where there are questions about a driver without a license or insurance, it is also best to notify the police and insurance company to create a record of the incident. This can help the others who were driving legally at a later time if there is an investigation. When anyone involved was not a driver, such as someone on foot or a bicycle, the police should be notified. This will help if one of the victims files an insurance claim later, as the insurance company can void a driver’s policy if they did not give proper notice as required by the terms of the policy.  

Leaving the scene of the accident laws

After any car accident, it is important for the driver to remain at the scene and at least make contact with the others involved. Even if the damage is very minor, the driver should not leave without at least speaking to the others at the scene first. A driver who is caught leaving the scene of an accident can face arrest and criminal charges. 

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