Boca Raton, FL – There are some situations where a single car accident results in fatal injuries. Depending on the specifics of the collision and surrounding circumstances, the driver’s family may still bring a civil lawsuit, but there are a number of factors to be considered. 

Wrongful death laws

When a person dies due to the fault of another individual or entity, each state’s civil court system allows certain family members to bring a lawsuit on the deceased person’s behalf. This is usually limited to a spouse, child, or someone else who was financially dependent on the deceased person. The family member can essentially take the place of the deceased person and try to receive damages from the defendant related to things like burial and funeral costs, final medical treatment, lost wages and future income, and emotional pain tied to the loss. Florida’s wrongful death law has a short statute of limitations, so it is important for families to get legal help and file the case as soon as they possibly can. 

Vehicle malfunctions

All cars are supposed to function normally for the purpose of driving on roads and getting drivers and passengers from place to place safely. There have been incidents where car manufacturers have been sued for defective parts or poor design issues that are likely to result in injury or death during a car’s normal use or even during accidents if these flaws create extreme danger. The victim’s family may be able to bring a products liability lawsuit against the car manufacturer or various other businesses in the chain of production. 

Other people in the area

When a single car accident happens, there still may have been negligence from construction crews, police or others who direct traffic, and people responsible for creating road obstacles. It is important to discern whether something like construction or another emergency had happened in the area as well to see if the driver was disrupted. Any party who the plaintiff can prove was negligent and caused or contributed to the victim’s injuries may be sued, even if they worked for the government. 

Figuring out whether it is necessary to bring the case 

There may be situations where lawsuits will not be appropriate, but this is very fact specific and the victim’s family should still get advice from a legal professional regarding whether to bring the case or not. 

Accident attorneys in south Florida

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