Is it safe for a workers’ compensation claimant in New York to sign documents provided by the insurer?

Should a construction accident victim in Florida be leery of a quick settlement?

Watertown, NY—During the time an individual receives workers’ compensation benefits, they may be provided with forms from the insurer in which they must sign. While it is generally safe for a claimant to sign these forms, he/she should not do so until they have had their Watertown, NY workers’ compensation attorney review them. And here’s why.

Generally, when an insurance company sends an individual one or more forms to sign, it is because they need the signature before benefits can be issued or care can be rendered. However, there are times when insurance companies will send forms that contain questions that could potentially jeopardize a person’s ability to recover workers’ compensation benefits.


Insurance Companies are Businesses and Look to Protect Their Profits


Workers’ compensation claimants should know that most insurance companies aren’t looking out for their best interest. Instead, most carriers are likely looking for ways to reduce liability which, in turn, will reduce the amount they have to pay a claimant. With that said, if a claimant answers a question in such a way that it can later be used against them, they could be putting their benefits at risk.

For example, the insurer could ask questions that, depending on how they are answered, might make it seem as though a worker’s injuries aren’t as serious as they are or that they are to blame for their accident. This is why it is critical for an injured worker in Watertown to sit down with a workers’ comp lawyer who can help them understand the questions that are being asked as well as how to best answer them.


Get Help from a Skilled Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Watertown, NY Today


While most individuals associate lawyers with litigation, workers’ comp lawyers are qualified to assist with various matters. From reviewing forms sent by the insurer to helping an injured worker understand their rights, workers’ comp attorneys do more than just attend court hearings.

The workers’ compensation lawyers at Stanley Law work to protect the rights of those who suffered an injury at work. Not only will they help an injured party get their claim filed, but they will also see to it that they are provided with the benefits they are entitled to. If an injured worker wants to be sure their rights are upheld and that they aren’t taken advantage of by the insurance company, they are encouraged to contact Stanley Law at one of their office locations listed down below.


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