Is it worth getting a lawyer after a car accident in Tampa, Florida?

In most cases yes, it is worth getting a lawyer after a car accident. And here’s why. A car accident lawyer, unlike the insurance company, is going to look out for the victim’s best interest. This means getting them connected with the best medical professionals who can assist them through the recovery process as well as helping them understand whether they have the right to recover compensation for their injuries.

In addition to explaining what a victim’s rights are, a lawyer can also assist with initiating the insurance claims process and getting through it. Despite how easy an insurance carrier might make the claims process sound, all too often are car crash victims taken advantage of or offered an amount that is far less than what their injuries entitle them to collect. Unfortunately, because most individuals are unaware of how to properly value their case after a collision, they accept the decision the insurer makes on their claim and are forced to move on with their life.

Thankfully, the Tampa, FL car accident lawyers at The Reyes Firm don’t allow that to happen to their clients.

When an individual chooses to retain a Tampa, FL car accident lawyer to assist them with their case, they stand a better chance at recovering compensation to make up for their injuries and losses. Below are just a few ways a lawyer can help.


  1. They will ensure the victim’s claim is filed with the insurer in a timely manner.

Insurance companies have a deadline for filing claims and if this deadline is missed, an individual could lose out on their chance of recovering the compensation they not only need but also deserve.1


  1. They will discuss a victim’s case with the insurance company so that he/she doesn’t have to.

Sometimes, insurance adjusters are eager to obtain statements from victims to see if they can get any information that could potentially be used to reduce the value of their claim. And sometimes, they are successful at doing so. However, when an accident victim in Tampa chooses to retain a lawyer, the insurance company will then need to speak with them regarding the accident, and not the victim, which makes it harder for the adjuster to find an excuse to minimize the value of their claim.


The Reyes Firm is Ready to Help Those in Need of Financial Relief Obtain It After a Car Accident


Motor vehicle accidents are traumatizing events that often lead to physical and financial suffering. If an individual is looking to recover compensation to help cover any accident-related expenses they incurred, the Tampa car accident attorneys at The Reyes Firm are prepared to help them.


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