Tragic Fatality in Cumberland Prompts Safety Review for Jacksonville-Based CSX Trainees

CUMBERLAND, Md. — Tragedy struck early this morning in the Cumberland yard when a CSX Transportation conductor trainee was fatally injured. This devastating event prompted CSX to initiate a safety stand down for its 350 conductor trainees.

CSX confirmed the loss in a statement, expressing condolences to the deceased’s family and emphasizing the company’s commitment to railroader safety. This accident comes a week after CSX and the SMART-TD union extended conductor training to provide new hires with more hands-on experience.

This is the second fatality involving a CSX conductor trainee since June. On June 26, another trainee fell from a railcar and was fatally struck by the train, according to a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) preliminary report.

he Victim

The victim, Conductor Trainee Travis Bradley of Ridgeley, W.Va., was a recent hire, having joined the company in June. He leaves behind a wife and three daughters.

CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs acknowledged the tragedy in an email to employees, writing, “Tragically, this is the second loss of a conductor trainee that we have experienced in two months. It reinforces the importance of prioritizing both our own safety and that of our teammates.”

Extended Training Program

The recently announced extended training program aims to focus on performing tasks in field settings. This includes increasing exposure to railcar switching scenarios, radio communication, equipment securement, brake tests, and other fundamental aspects of a conductor’s role. The program has been developed in consultation with SMART-TD.

Federal Warnings

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) had previously warned Class I railroads of enforcement action if improvements were not made to their engineer and conductor training and certification programs. With railroads hiring conductors more rapidly to address crew shortages, scrutiny of their training protocols has intensified.

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The loss of Travis Bradley is a somber reminder of the inherent risks associated with the railroad industry. As the investigation into this incident continues, the focus on safety remains paramount, both within the company and at a federal level. For those facing legal challenges stemming from such accidents, a Jacksonville, Florida accident attorney at stands ready to offer their expertise and assistance. This tragic event emphasizes the importance of safety and vigilance in all work environments, reflecting a broader commitment to protecting lives and promoting responsible practices within the industry.