A pedestrian who was crossing a street near the beach in Jacksonville was killed at night. 

Man is run over by an SUV while crossing a street near the coast

The Florida Highway Patrol said that the victim was walking on Beach Boulevard on a Saturday night, and his body was discovered in the street when they arrived. They believe that an SUV was going eastbound near the Thalia Road intersection when the pedestrian suddenly stepped out onto Beach Boulevard. It does not seem that the victim tried to cross at an intersection or a crosswalk. Police do not believe any foul play or criminal activity was involved. 

The victim was a 37 year old man from Jacksonville who was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. He died a short time later while at the hospital and receiving medical treatment. 

The driver was a 32 year old male in a large SUV. There were two children who were passengers in his vehicle at the time of the accident. No one inside of the vehicle was hurt.

There was no information regarding whether the driver would receive any traffic citations or criminal charges. 

Pedestrian accidents and civil remedies

Whether an accident involves multiple motor vehicles or a pedestrian, most of the civil remedies are similar. An attorney who focuses on this area of the law can bring a case that allows the victim to collect a sum of money that is relative to their losses. 

The best way to start this process is for the victim (or their family for deadly accidents) to contact a local lawyer who brings civil injury cases against individuals and businesses. The lawyer may ask for evidence such as the accident report, insurance claims, witness testimony, and pictures and videos from the scene. It is important to contact both local law enforcement and an insurance provider immediately after the collision to generate these forms of evidence. 

How much is a serious accident worth?

In a case like the news story above, it may be possible to collect a large sum of damages. This is because when someone can no longer work or function as normal, the losses can include long term medical care and hospitalization, lost wages and future lost income, property damage, emotional trauma along with pain and suffering, and the cost of a funeral and burial if the victim dies. Most experienced lawyers who deal with this area of the civil law know how to argue for the largest sum of damages allowed by law for the particular incident. 

Get assistance from a local accident attorney

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