A fatal motorcycle accident which occurred in James Island and killed one person is currently under investigation. As reported by postandcourier.com, the victim who passed away in the accident has been identified and the suspect in the crash is in custody in lieu of a bail amount of $50,000.

The deceased has been identified as 62 year old Thomas Dunleavy from Charleston. According to police, Dunleavy succumbed to injuries at the site of the crash. The suspect in the case has also been identified as 26 year old Anthony Marino who hails from Island Park Drive.
He recently appeared for a hearing which took place in the Charleston County Bond Court. Marino has been slapped with one count of reckless vehicular homicide, which can lead to serious penalties and punishment say hard charging Charleston, SC accident lawyers.


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During the hearing, Marino was accompanied by his mother, father, and sister. The auto accident lawyer representing Marino identified himself as a close friend of the Marino family and said that he was a good person and even stayed on the scene after the auto accident and coordinated with law enforcement officers. Furthermore, he added, Marino did not have any criminal charges pending against him.
Marino was taken into custody Friday night. This crash marks the third fatal motorcycle accident in the tri-county area in just seven days.
Man Faces DUI Charges after Causing Accident that Killed One
A 21 year old man, Justen Wilkes, has been slapped with charges of felony driving under the influence, leaving the scene of a car accident causing death, and reckless homicide, according to ABC News. The car accident involved four vehicles in all and 43 year old William Sigman lost his life in the pile up.
Car accident

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According to police reports, Sigman was trapped in his SUV after Wilkes supposedly drove over a concrete median and struck Sigman’s car head on. Apparently, Wilkes then took off from the scene in an attempt to escape, but was apprehended only a short while later. Wilkes apparently stole the vehicle with which he caused the fatal accident. The car he was driving actually belonged to Eddie Taylor. Taylor’s CCTV camera even caught the theft on video.
Wilkes now also faces charges of burglary, which is only going to add to his punishment, say South Carolina accident attorneys.
Crash in Charlotte Leads to Death of USC Grad
A University of South Carolina graduate was killed in a car accident that occurred in Charlotte earlier last week. The deceased has been identified as 25 year old Kyle Lord, as reported by abccolumbia.com. The auto accident happened on Park Road just between Highway 51 and Johnston Road. Supposedly, Lord crashed into a sign and his car toppled over multiple times before finally coming to a rest upside down.
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