A lawsuit that stemmed from a triple-fatal collision that took place in 2011 west of Las Cruces, has resulted in a jury awarding a $165.5 million for damages. Las Cruces NM Accident attorneys say that the civil suit which was mainly directed against FedEx constitutes the largest payout in a civil suit ever in New Mexico.

Accident that led to the lawsuit
The lawsuit was filed after the 2011 crash in which a FedEx big rig struck a pickup truck that was parked at Mile 117 on Interstate-10, 20 miles from Las Cruces. The impact killed two of the three occupants of the truck. El Paso residents 22 year old Marialy Venegas Morga and her daughter, 4 year old Ylairam Morga died in the accident. The sole survivor was her 1 year old son Yahir Morga. The accident proved fatal for the driver of the tractor trailer El Pasoan Elizabeth Quintana as well.
A lawsuit was filed by truck accident attorneys on behalf of the victims Venegas Morgan’s husband, Alfredo Morgan of El Paso and her parents in July 2012, claiming that negligence caused the accident. The defendants were FedEx and two of its contractors, Ruben’s Trucking LLC and another company, M&K’s Trucking Inc., with offices in San Elizario in the state of Texas. This verdict equals hundreds of jobs and new equipment for these companies.
This family is rich now
The jury trial lasted eight days and ended with the groundbreaking award on Friday in Santa Fe. The La Cruces accident attorney representing the parents of Venegas Morga said that out of the total of $165.5 million the defendants were together responsible for 95% of the award and were liable for the amount $157.2 million.
The rationale behind the award
The attorney for the plaintiffs was of the opinion that the judgment speaks for itself given the lack of safety practices and training that should be given to the drivers of FedEx big trucks which resulted in the accident and loss of life and anguish for the affected families. According to the attorney, this was likely to be the biggest judgment in a civil suit in the state of New Mexico. The jury will decide how the award will be split between the defendants. FedEx has said that it would pay all the damages on behalf of the defendants.
How can a company afford to pay for all this safety training if they are handing out what is almost a lottery ticket? It is very sad what happened but would they have earned this much in their life time? Ten life times?
The business community loses
In March 2013, the family of a victim killed in an accident involving a semi-truck in the Carlsbad area, were awarded $58.5 million of which $47 million was in punitive damages. This was considered the largest award at that time. According to Geoffrey Romero, president of the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association, the $165.5 million award is likely to be the largest in a wrongful death case without punitive damages.
He said the verdict did recognize the impact on the families of the victims and the value of human life. Romero also stressed the fact that accident survivors and their family members did not necessarily wait eagerly to file civil lawsuits, which for the most part, are complex cases that could take years to come to a conclusion. In addition, plaintiffs are made to go through a lot of stress from court proceedings and reliving the pain of losing a loved one but now the living family is super rich and how many more problems will come because of this.
There are many people who believe a $3 million verdict would have been more logical.

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