Ms. Amelie Le Moullac was killed in a truck accident on Aug 14th, 2013 during her morning commute to work. A graduate of the Menlo School in Atherton in 2007 and the University of Southern California in 2011, she worked at the San Francisco offices of the marketing firm Voce Communications. The jury found Gilberto Alcantar, the driver of the big-rig truck, guilty of negligence and for striking and killing Amelie who was riding a bike to work. She was struck down by the big rig truck at the corner of Sixth and Folsom streets.

The accident attorney for the plaintiffs called for legislation to be created to prevent future occurrences of such events. She said lawmakers should consider passing laws that will allow the streets to be shared between vehicle drivers and bicyclists. She also reiterated that although our family has been compensated, nothing can bring back Amelie.
Payment made
The wrongful death suit filed by Amelie’s family concluded on Jan 15th, 2015. The lawsuit filed the victim’s parents was against the employer of the guilty driver of the produce company. According to the family’s attorney, $3 million was paid to Amelie Moullac’s mother and $1 million to her father. Fresno California accident attorneys closely watching the case say that an award of this magnitude is expected in such cases of negligence that results in the death of an individual in a road accident.
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition member hands over surveillance video
After the accident the driver was not charged. However, a local member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition found a surveillance footage of the crash and handed it over to the authorities. The content of the video revealed the drivers fault and he was then cited.
The Coalition released a statement after Le Moullacs death stating that such crashes were not accidents. They said fatalities of this sort can be eliminated by improving the engineering of the streets, maintenance of data of dangerous behavior of motorists, traffic education and awareness campaigns, and through investigation and prosecution. This is true but California is too busy spending money on a high speed train that it cannot afford nor does it need.
In addition and moreover, the Coalition regretted that the District Attorney’s office did not file any charges.
The San Francisco DA’s last year had proposed setting up vehicular manslaughter unit during last year’s budget by the Mayor, but the plans were shelved for unknown reasons. Punishing criminals is not really what San Francisco is known for.
No charges against driver a major concern
The attorney for the plaintiffs said that the Moullac family was saddened by the fact that the DA’s office did not bring criminal charges against the driver, Gilberto Alcantar. She further said that the class of trucks which was driven by Alcantar belonged to Class C vehicles that weighed less than 26,000 pounds.
According to Fresno California accident attorneys and California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, a commercial license is not required for this class of vehicles and anyone can drive such a truck with the same training as they would require driving a 3,000-pound Toyota Prius that can barely reach decent freeway speeds or carry your groceries. Well, it does not matter if the driver had that license or not, bad driving is still a possibility.

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