The surviving family members of a Salt Lake City woman who was killed in a fatal car crash have been awarded $1.3 million in damages. The jury ruled that improper and impartial removal of snow from the road and ill-logical road design were the causes for the fatal accident.

As per a Salt Lake Tribune report, the deceased has been identified as 40-year old Diane Berg. However, according to Salt Lake City accident attorneys, as the deceased woman was found to be partially at fault for the crash due to a certain degree of negligence, her family will only be awarded a portion of the damages. They are set to receive $700,000.
The trial went on for a painstaking seven days before the jury began contemplating their ruling. According to investigators, the authorities had failed to remove a heap of snow which had come together to form a kind of a ramp like surface which launched Diane’s car off the road and over a guardrail. The incident occurred close to Interstate 215 in January of 2011.
Slow reaction by the driver
State attorneys countered allegations of negligence by saying that Diane’s driving was at least partly to blame as they were still in the process of removing the snow heap after a record measurement of snowfall. They also stated the obvious by saying that the accident and Diane’s death could have been averted if Diane had applied her brakes on time.
TRAX train accident in Salt Lake City
A makeshift bus bridge had to be setup temporarily after a vehicle and a TRAX train collided with each other in Salt Lake City. The arrangements were hastily put together by the Utah Transit Authority, as per a Fox13Now report.
The Utah Transit Authority then took to Twitter and sent out a tweet warning motorists to avoid that particular section. Supposedly, the crash blocked both rails of the Red Line at 400 South and 400 East. For this reason, a bus bridge had to be setup connecting the library and Trolley Square.

No casualties were reported, however, a pregnant woman was hospitalized in stable condition just as a safety measure.
Carjacker shot dead by onlooker in Orem
A man trying to car jack a woman’s car was shot and killed by an on looking bystander in the parking lot of a Macey’s grocery store. The perpetrator has been identified as a 26-year old man from the Polynesia area who had several warrants out for his arrest. Allegedly, he was trying to forcefully enter a grey SUV that was being driven by a woman. Witnesses say that the woman attempted to restrain the car-jacker and was attempting to pull her purse and other valuables away from the Polynesian criminal, as reported in
Guns save lives!
According to witnesses, the shrill screams of the woman caught the attention of another person who had a 9mm handgun and a permit to carry it. The citizen demanded that the criminal get out of the car, when the criminal reached for his gun, the citizen shot him in the chest. This American hero will not need to find a fantastic attorney off of the site since he does not need one. He is a life saver!

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