Wichita, KSAccident victims may look for a number of answers to their questions, and they may be concerned about how to get their lives back to normal. Receiving compensation for losses is one of the best ways for someone to return to their prior life, and the civil law aims to compensate people for their losses so that they can try to live as if the accident never happened. An attorney can assist with this process to make the person or business responsible for the accident pay for treatment and other losses.  

What will happen when first speaking with an attorney?

The lawyer will normally want to know some basic information such as when and where the accident happened, and the extent of the damage to vehicles and people involved. After providing this basic outline, the client should prepare some questions about things that they do not understand or information that they would need, such as the timeframe from start to finish for the case, how much time they will have to invest, and the potential value of the case if a settlement or verdict is reached. 

Documentation is always important as well. Any kind of paperwork such as the accident report from police, insurance claims, and statements from witnesses should be shared. There may also be invoices and forms related to medical treatment from a hospital or doctor. Some medical procedures and medications are extremely expensive, and the lawyer can use this evidence to help prove a large amount of damages. There may be pictures of the scene, text messages from others involved, and video or audio recordings relevant to some accidents as well. 

Any meetings between a lawyer and their client are privileged, and the information remains confidential. This means that even during a trial or throughout the course of the case, certain specific details are never shared with anyone else or become an issue at a later time. This gives the client the freedom to tell their attorney anything that they feel is urgent or important without fear of consequences. 

After the consultation

If the lawyer and client decide to work together further, the accident attorney will likely file the initial lawsuit and ask for a certain amount of damages from the defendant. Both the victim’s lawyer and the defendant will begin to share information and decide whether to settle or go to trial as the discovery process unfolds. 

Finding a local attorney in Kansas

USAttorneys.com is a directory of lawyers who are available to assist accident victims in each state in the country. People in Wichita who are considering filing a civil case against the person at fault for their injuries can browse the directory to find the right legal professional for their needs.