When a truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the individuals in the smaller vehicle often suffer catastrophic and life-changing injuries. One can only imagine how much more serious the injuries would be if the accident occurs with a motorcyclist; like it did recently in Kansas City, MO. A motorcyclist recently found themselves hospitalized with critical injuries after colliding straight into a FedEx truck. The motorcyclist was 30 years old and after hitting the front of the truck they were ejected from their vehicle and are getting treated for critical injuries. The truck driver did not suffer any injuries.

Since truck accidents can be so damaging to smaller passenger vehicles and motorcyclists while causing minimal harm to their own driver, many trucking laws have been ordained to ensure trucking companies and drivers alike make safety a priority and they maintain the highest standards of care and caution so accidents can be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, these conditions are not always followed and anyone who finds themselves in a truck accident will likely be able to make a claim against the opposing party for failing to follow the law.

Right after a person gets into a motorcycle accident, they should reach out to an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accident cases, so they take all the correct legal moves from the start. Aside from ascertaining a person has legal help, they should make sure they prioritize their health, and they should call the police for assistance if the collision caused serious injuries, or it is causing a blockage in traffic. While a person waits for the ambulance and police to reach the site of the accident they should get to a safe place and take pictures of the accident to the best of their ability. Victims can never have too much evidence, so the more a person can collect, the better it will be for their case.

Should I sign the insurance companies’ settlement form after getting into a motorcycle accident in Kansas City, MO?

The insurance company will do everything in its power to try and reduce the amount of settlement they have to give out, and this tactic often involves giving an initial settlement amount that is lower than to be expected. No forms should be signed, and no statements should be given before speaking to a motorcycle accident attorney.

Get in touch with a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to get help filing a claim and to get financially compensated for all the losses suffered.


Maha Rehman