If you were recently involved in your very first auto accident, you are probably a little confused on how the whole claims process works and what you will need to do to ensure your vehicle was repaired. If the only damage that was done was to your vehicle and not you, at least you are able to walk away without any significant or life-threatening injuries. However, your vehicle may be another story. Nobody wants to drive around with a dented bumper or a fender hanging off which is why you have insurance and why you should contact them to notify them of the recent accident that occurred.
While some insurance companies require you to call them, others have the option to begin filing your claim online once you sign into your account. Every insurance carrier works differently so browse around their site first to see if filing a claim online is an option. If not, give them a call and you will be directed to someone who can help get this process going.
You also have the option of speaking with one of our experienced and knowledgeable accident lawyers in the city of Olathe, Kansas. Although you may not be ready to hire an attorney as you are simply in the initial stages of getting a claim filed, they can provide you with some useful and valuable information that can help you understand what your rights are after engaging in an accident.
Some things you want to be aware of after an accident:

  • What type of policy do you have?
  • How much coverage have you purchased for liability damage as well as bodily injury?
  • How much your deductible amount is? This will determine how much you will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance company picks up the remaining balance for the cost the repairs amounted to.


If accident only involved you.

If the accident was a single-vehicle accident with you being the only one involved, you will report your accident to your insurance carrier and will then be assigned to a claims adjuster. Keep in mind that you should report your accident within 72 hours after it occurred. The claims adjuster will begin working on your claim and will be the contact person you want to keep in touch with who can keep you current on what is happening with your claim or if documents need to be signed and submitted.
The claims adjuster should also come out to physically check your vehicle and its damages so they can determine how much the repairs are going to cost. Be wary when your insurance company wants to have you go to their own repair shop as opposed to one of your choice. You want your vehicle restored back to its original condition and you want the best parts placed on it.

When the accident involved another driver.

If you were involved in an accident with another driver, bicyclist, motorcyclist, commercial truck driver, etc., and your vehicle was the unfortunate one to suffer from damages, you can either file a claim against the driver who caused your accident or through your own insurer given you caused the accident. Remember, the other driver’s insurance company is going to have their claimant’s best interest in mind so they may try and provide you with a low-ball settlement as opposed to what your vehicle damage is actually worth. Don’t settle for anything less than what your damage is worth.
To be on the safe side, we recommend you at least consult with a local Olathe, Kansas accident attorney nearby to you to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of and that your accident claim is handled fairly and properly.