Highways often become the setting for many serious accidents due to drivers’ high rate of speed on these roads. When smaller vehicles like motorcycles are involved in highway crashes, the chances of survival are minimal.
A man from Acworth was killed when his motorcycle collided with a truck in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Motorcycle crashes into tractor trailer on Cobb Parkway

The Cobb County Police responded to the scene of a collision between a Yamaha motorcycle and a tractor trailer. The incident occurred at the Vaughn Road intersection of the Cobb Parkway, near Kennesaw Marketplace. Investigators believe that the accident happened when the truck was making a turn onto Vaughn Road to get off of the parkway while the motorcycle was traveling northbound in the opposite direction. The cyclist was thrown off of his motorcycle and sustained serious injuries from the impact with the road and other objects. A medical examiner at the scene pronounced him dead shortly after arriving.
The tractor trailer was driven by a 60 year old male who did not sustain any injuries as a result of the accident. Investigators were still looking for further information related to the crash from witnesses and drivers in the area.
Lawsuits involving a deceased victim
Collisions involving motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, and other vehicles that offer little protection to their operators are likely to result in serious injuries or death. The law does provide a specific type of action that can be brought by surviving family members even when the victim is no longer around to file the case on their own.
As a general rule, lawsuits related to personal injury claims tend to have a value that is comparable to the severity of the injuries to the victim. Therefore, collisions that cause serious injuries or death will pay out the largest amounts due long term or permanent consequences.
Georgia’s wrongful death laws
A wrongful death lawsuit allows parents, children, spouses, or others to collect money from the driver at fault for things like funeral and medical expenses, future lost wages, and the value of other services the deceased person could have provided if they had lived.
The Georgia wrongful death statute says that the spouse must be the first person to bring a lawsuit if the victim was married. They must also represent the interests of any minor children from the marriage in the same lawsuit. The spouse will receive at least one third of any money paid out. When a person dies without leaving behind a spouse or children, the next person who can bring the lawsuit is a parent of the victim. After this stage of analysis, any person who represents the estate of the deceased can bring the lawsuit. Wrongful death actions also have a two year statute of limitations, which is shorter than many other kinds of cases.
Get advice from a local lawyer
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