Lexington, KY – While some accidents are unavoidable, there are a number of known high risk behaviors that contribute to, or cause car collisions. Drivers who take certain safety precautions are less likely to be involved in an accident due to their own errors or distractions. 

Cell phone use and texting

People take their phones with them everywhere, including inside of the car. However, this has become a serious problem, as people who send and read text messages, have conversations, and use their phone for navigation may not be totally focused on the road in front of them. Keeping a phone turned off or away from the driver’s reach until the destination is reached is a simple step that greatly decreases the likelihood of distractions. 

Driving left of center

Many drivers who start to feel drowsy or take their eyes off of the road will start to drift into the opposite oncoming traffic lanes. This is extremely dangerous because a vehicle on the other side of the road can be struck head on by a driver who has gone left of center. Most states have passed laws that make this kind of driving illegal, and all drivers should be careful to maintain a lane and avoid crossing into the traffic coming from the opposite side of the road. 

Avoiding collisions through planning

There are a number of safety precautions that drivers in Kentucky can take to avoid an accident and remain safe if a collision does happen. Wearing a seatbelt, turning off the phone, and eliminating distractions before getting behind the wheel can make a large difference. If a driver needs directions through a GPS system or their phone, this can be set before the driver actually starts to operate the vehicle. 

Getting legal help if an accident happens

Despite a driver’s best efforts, it is still possible that a collision can happen in Kentucky. Legal help is necessary after many accidents, especially when the damage is severe or the insurance process is insufficient. Anyone who is a victim of a crash should contact the local police and follow their directions as well as the insurance process through their provider. Afterward, an attorney can be consulted regarding the possible value of the lawsuit and the best way to receive compensation. 

The lawyer can explain the process of filing and concluding a case, and how evidence will be used at trial or during settlement negotiations. If the victim has had to deal with lost wages and income, medical treatment, hospitalization, and pain due to injuries and trauma, these can all be factored in to the damage award given to them. 

How to find a lawyer

USAttorneys.com is a directory of licensed lawyers in each state organized by practice area. People who need help after an accident in Lexington or any other part of Kentucky can find a local professional to speak with.