Children get injured in cars and outside of cars each and every day. Car safety should always be placed on the forefront in order to protect those who aren’t quite ready or able to protect themselves. One way to ensure you are protecting your child and practicing safety while inside and outside of a vehicle is to be aware of the common types of accidents that often occur.
The accident attorneys in Syracuse, NY handle many cases involving child-related incidents and would probably agree the statistics need to decrease in number.
Common accidents children are involved in 
According to, most accidents happen hear home. Whether you are running down the street to the convenience store, to your child’s daycare, or even to the grocery store, it is always important that precautions are taken each and every time you get into your car. Many individuals fail to buckle up or seatbelt their child during these “quick trips” which places them at higher risk of losing their life in the event a crash does occur.

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Toddlers and infants should be safely buckled in their child restraint seats to avoid injuries.

Did you know that kids between the ages of four and eight are more at risk than infants? While you know you have to buckle an infant in their seat seeing that they aren’t physically able to hold themselves up yet, many parents often allow their toddlers and young children to ride inside the vehicle without a booster seat. “And many parents let children climb into the front seat well before they’re 13.”
Another interesting fact is that many child deaths are caused from a kid being outside of a car. Parking lots are rather dangerous for children and all eyes should be on them and other vehicles to ensure they get across safely. “Nearly 400 kids age 15 and under are killed each year when they’re hit by an automobile.” In a recent news story, a four-year-old child was hit and killed in her preschool parking lot in New York because a driver wasn’t paying attention. These accounts occur way too often which is why you also need to be cognizant of drivers too because many times they will back up before they even look. 
What to do if your child is injured in an incident?
Our children are our prized possessions. When they get hurt, especially in an accident that could have been prevented, we look to seek justice for their injuries. Syracuse, NY accident lawyers are the perfect professionals to help anyone seeking justice and compensation for their child’s injuries in the event they were harmed in an accident. helps accident victims file personal injury claims, and even lawsuits, and fight for the rights of accident victims. Children do not have the resources to file a claim on their own which is why parents are urged to contact a local Syracuse accident law firm immediately following an accident. You need someone who understands the law working on your side.

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