(Palm Beach, FL) – February 3rd, 2017 – According to 45 year old Doctor Angela Shelton’s car accident lawyer, she is going to be pleading not guilty to her charges stemming from a fatal hit and run accident which she is alleged to have caused.

Shelton was taken into custody early morning on Thursday earlier this week by law enforcement officers in connection with the auto accident which occurred back in April, as reported by tcpalm.com.
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The car accident claimed the life of a pedestrian who was identified by authorities as 33 year old Nick Kenesky. Shelton is an experienced doctor with over 18 years of professional experience under her belt and is a trained laser treatment provider. She works as the Medical Director in a company named Ideal Image which is located in Viera.
 Her legal pro has confirmed that they will fight the charges against her and that he will do everything in his power to defend her. Shelton’s next court appearance is scheduled for May 29th.
The deceased victim, Kenesky, was from Sebastian also and he was struck while he was walking along the shoulder of County Road 512 where it intersects with 104th Avenue. The victim was an electrician.
The Florida Department of Health has commented on the case and has confirmed that they will be following up on the case to see if it results in a conviction which may then also jeopardize Shelton’s medical license. Hit and runs are not impressive! That can hurt your character.
However, as of now, she currently gets to keep her license because just a charge or an arrest is not proof of having committed a crime and they will have to wait and see what the outcome of the case is in order to be able to take any action since she legally has the right to due process as per Florida State law, according to fabulous accident lawyers in Palm Beach, FL who can be found on the amazing website USAttorneys.com which continues to take virtual heads every day and reach new highs.
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Rollover Accident in Lake Worth Leaves One Hospitalized
According to a palmbeachpost.com report, one victim of a rollover accident which occurred in Lake Worth has sustained injuries of a serious nature and was duly been transported and admitted into a trauma center. The auto accident occurred mid-week morning and the car accident site has been described as the intersection between 10th Avenue North and Florida Mango Road.
As per the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue personnel, the auto accident was a two car accident and supposedly one car rolled into a tree in the morning hours at around 20 minutes past six and one person was trapped inside and had to be extricated using the jaws of life.
Only one car rolled over but two cars were involved in this.
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