There have been a significant number of school bus accidents occurring in the City of Lafayette and many locals might be wondering why. Well, the staff at The Adviser must have been thinking the same thing as the source recently reported on the issue, highlighting the causes of the 18 bus accidents that have occurred so far this year. If you’re interested in knowing what they are, we have provided that information for you below:

  • Four of the bus collisions that occurred were all attributed to another vehicle that rear-ended the bus.
  • Four of the accidents occurred because the bus driver hit a fixed object or parked car.
  • Three wrecks transpired because the bus driver operating the vehicle backed up into an object or a parked car.
  • Two crashes occurred after the buses rear-ended another vehicle.
  • Another two accidents were tail swing wrecks. And according to, these “are among the most common types of accidents in the school bus and motorcoach industry.”
  • Two more wrecks were caused by another vehicle sideswiping a bus.
  • One accident occurred because a driver failed to yield to the bus.

Among the 18 accidents that occurred, most were caused by the bus driver that either hit or backed up into a fixed object or parked car. Some of the other main causes of bus accidents involved a driver that failed to yield for the bus or other vehicles crossing into the bus lane of travel. Last year, a total of 69 wrecks occurred involving school buses and 81 crashes were recorded the year before that. The school system’s transportation director, Damon Evans, has spoken out regarding the increased number of bus collisions in Lafayette and said that officials are working to re-train drivers who are involved in wrecks where they were at-fault in hopes of preventing another one from occurring.
Evans also stated that the department takes a look at these accidents and sees where they “are messing up” on their side and “try to get into specializing areas where a professional comes in and gives different training.” The department also places a particular emphasis on training new drivers as a majority of the accidents that occur involve those with less experience in operating buses.

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Victims of school bus accidents are sometimes entitled to collect compensation for the damage caused by the collision. To learn more about how you can collect compensation for the recent bus accident you were involved in, contact a Lafayette accident lawyer today.

While it is important that we recognize a need for improvement so that fewer bus accidents occur, that won’t help those students and/or others who have already sustained an injury in one of these accidents. The fact is, bus accident injuries can be serious, and even fatal, and those who are left to suffer do so physically and financially. If you or your child were the victim of a school bus accident in Lafayette and would like to learn about the options you have in terms of how you can recover compensation for things like medical expenses and suffering, the Lafayette bus accident lawyers at Andress|Inzinawould be more than happy to provide you with the information you are seeking.
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