When the coronavirus was first discovered and announced on the news, the idea of a pandemic arising seemed unlikely and farfetched. The virus was met with quite a bit of skepticism but the rate at which it is now spreading, and the increasing death toll has begun to cause quite a bit of panic across the globe. There still has not been any official announcement stating there is the fear of a pandemic, but the alarming number of deaths seem to call for one.

The death toll in the United States has now hit 11 and the mayor of Los Angeles has declared a state of emergency. In addition to the death toll rising, there have also been 6 new cases of the virus even though health officials are trying their best to somehow contain this virus. Most of the deaths that are occurring, including the most recent one, were of elderly individuals. The virus has fatal effects on seniors and those who already have poor health. Younger individuals who are healthy overall do not have the risk of dying from the virus but they do have the risk of facing severe respiratory complications and acting as carriers of the virus.

No vaccine has been approved yet for COVID-19 and even after a vaccine is approved it will take quite some time, possibly even a year, to have it available for the public. The reason why vaccine development and approval takes so much time is that it needs to be tested for possible side effects and this is obviously a very time-consuming process.

What is the government doing to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

A deal was compromised with government leaders that concluded $8.3 billion to help both prevent the spread of the virus and treat those who have been affected by it. $3 billion dollars of this budget will go towards researching the virus and attempting to find a valid cure for it.

The virus is very contagious, and a recent patient was found to have passed it on to their spouse, children, and even their neighbor. It is essential that everyone take the required precautionary measures to prevent getting the disease and passing it on to others.

Though the risk of getting the virus is still low in the United States a person should make sure they get checked up the moment they feel they may have been exposed to the virus or if they have any valid reason to believe they have contracted it. However, it is important that individuals do not end up hoarding masks, gloves, and sanitizers as this seems to be what everyone is doing and this is causing more harm than good. The WHO stated that doctors and nurses are lacking in their supply to treat the virus and they are at very high risk of contracting the virus because of this lack of supply of masks, gloves, and sanitizers.

For now, there has been no official announcement of fear of a pandemic and individuals should simply play it safe by washing their hands often and avoiding travel to infected areas, such as Wuhan in particular.