Those involved in an accident in Louisiana may be eligible for a multitude of different rewards if they file a thorough accident claim in the appropriate timeframe. Anyone who finds themselves in an accident should only move forward after calling a lawyer and telling them the details of their case. Good legal advice right at the beginning will ensure no serious mistakes are made and that a person retains optimal chances of winning their claim.

Apart from getting proper legal advice, there are some basic actions that every driver should follow and be well aware of in case they ever do find themselves in a collision. The first one is that they need to remove their vehicle from the roadway if it is operable and safe to do so. If the vehicle is left on the road it can lead to expensive road blockages, so drivers are required to drive and park onto the nearest soft shoulder for everyone’s benefit.

If the damage experienced was over $500 and anyone was injured, the police will have to be called and a formal report will have to be made. This may seem unnecessary at the moment, but If the injuries or damages turn out to be worse and the claim is later escalated, the initial report will come in handy.  Even if there is no significant damage, it is still better to call the police because most insurance policies require that the police must be contacted after any automobile accident. Officers will visit the location of the collision, assess the damages, and take personal information down to file it into a formal report.

Another important action is to take photographs and notes of the accident. When matters are still fresh in a person’s mind, they may feel like they don’t need to write it down, but one would be surprised at how fast it can be to forget and mix up vital facts. As soon as the accident occurs and a person is in a safe situation they should take notes of exactly what happened before they forget it or before they are influenced by anyone else’s opinion.

LaPlace, LA, following the pure comparative negligence system

Fault and liability for motor vehicles are determined in Louisiana based on a pure comparative negligence system. This means that every driver is responsible for the percentage of the accident that is their own fault. Anyone who is injured or who suffered property damage will be able to recover compensation as long as they were not 100% responsible for the collision.

In these legal standards, it becomes very useful to call an accident attorney, so a person has proper legal representation to support them during the case. Call a qualified accident lawyer at the Faucheux Law Firm today to get expert legal advice and assistance after an accident.

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