Incidents that cause fires can be extremely dangerous, both for those in the area and workers who have to respond to a situation that can turn deadly. 

At least two people died in the Las Vegas area during a fire and the airborne response to control the blaze. 

Two people are killed during an airborne response to a fire

The Federal Aviation Administration had said that two planes, both with single engines, hit each other during firefighting operations in the area of Bishop Fire and Caliente. A spokesperson for the FAA confirmed that the accident happened at about 1 pm on a Thursday afternoon. They started their investigation near the intersections of Kane Springs Road and Riggs Road, where the collision is believed to have happened. Both pilots of the planes were confirmed to have died during the incident. The FAA also said that a recovery mission would be started to obtain evidence from the scene. 

The BLM Nevada Ely District said that they are offering their condolences to the families of the two victims. 

These tanker planes were used because they can carry several hundred gallons of a fire retardant substance that cannot be utilized as effectively by tanker trucks or other vehicles. The National Transportation Safety Board will play an important role in determining a legal cause of the accident. They would also release the aircraft tail numbers and other identifying features as part of the investigation. 

Caliente is a rural area in Nevada just north of the city of Las Vegas. 

The process of a civil lawsuit after an accident

In situations like this, investigations by a neutral third party controlled by the government can be very important. They can be used to determine the exact cause, collect evidence, and recollect what happened in the moments before the crash. All of this documentation may be used by lawyers for the victims and their families. It is also common for someone who investigates a fire to testify as an expert witness during a trial. Testifying as an expert allows them to give opinions and make technical statements to the jury about what they believe happened and the results of their investigation. 

The lawyer for the victim will also attempt to argue for the latest award of damages allowed. This can include losses for missed time from work, medical treatment, property damage, and even emotional trauma. The value of the case is contingent on the severity of the injuries. 

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