A car crash that caused a vehicle to roll over was still under investigation in Las Vegas at the time of a news report. 

Two cars crash at a north Las Vegas intersection

An officer with the Las Vegas Police Department initially responded to the area of East Washington Avenue and North Mojave Road. Two vehicles went through the intersection at the same time and struck each other. One of them rolled over and flipped back to an upright position after the impact. There were injuries related to the collision, but no specific details about the drivers or passengers were given. 

Police had to redirect traffic away from the northeast Las Vegas intersection where the crash happened for hours afterward. A more thorough investigation was still underway when the report was released. 

Determining fault for the purposes of a civil case

The most important aspect of a civil car accident lawsuit is for the jury to determine whether a defendant driver was actually at fault for an accident. This is one of the reasons insurance companies require people involved in crashes to contact them and law enforcement right away. There will be an official report generated to explain the situation and give an opinion regarding the cause of the accident. The legal term for the type of case that the plaintiff will bring against the defendant is negligence.

Las Vegas negligence laws

The negligence laws in the city of Las Vegas are governed by the state of Nevada’s statutes. People who are harmed by another driver will have to prove that the defendant was at least fifty percent at fault for the accident, otherwise they cannot collect any money from them. This determination of fault can also be divided between all drivers involved if there is a multiple car accident. The plaintiff will lose the case if they are found to be 51% at fault. This is a modified form of the doctrine of comparative negligence that is active in many states in the U.S. 

These percentages are also important for calculating the total amount of damages that are available. For example, if the plaintiff was found to be ten percent at fault for the accident and wins the lawsuit, they will collect the amount of damages awarded by the jury, minus ten percent for their fault. Damages are important because they represent the total amount of losses suffered by the plaintiff, including health problems and injuries, lost wages and a diminished ability to work and even emotional pain and suffering. 

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