Las Vegas neighborhood loses power after a car hits a utility pole

Motor vehicle accidents can cause all kinds of property damage and related problems. Because power lines and utility poles are often located on roadsides, it is possible that a car accident will also cause a power outage. 

A car crash in Las Vegas left one woman with injuries and hundreds of people without power.

Car slams into a utility pole and causes a massive outage

The incident happened in the central Las Vegas Valley near the intersections of South Valley View Boulevard and West Twain Ave in the Paradise neighborhood. At around 4 am, police responded to the area to find that a vehicle crashed into a utility pole and a power transformer on the street corner. The pole was knocked down from the impact, and other attached poles nearby were pulled towards the ground. Some of the poles on Valley View Boulevard were nearly touching the ground after the collision.

The woman who was driving that car that went into the pole was injured, but she was hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries and expected to recover. Police closed down Valley View Boulevard from Spring Mountain Road to Twain Ave for a few hours, as they redirected traffic and cleared the scene with the help of other emergency crews.

As local residents started to wake up, about 600 customers called to report a power loss to their homes between 7 and 8 am that morning. NV Energy workers responded to the scene to start repairing the damage. They told their customers that the power would be restored around 2 pm that day.  

Civil cases and lawsuits that prove liability

In most cases, the person who experiences property damage and injuries will file a lawsuit against the driver or business responsible. This is usually done when an insurance claim proves to be an insufficient financial remedy due to high costs, or the insurance company refuses to cover the costs of the accident

The main way that a person who is injured or experiences property damage will be paid for their losses is by retaining a lawyer and filing a civil case that says the person responsible acted in a negligent manner. Negligence cases are the most common type of personal injury lawsuit, and they essentially say that another person or business was not careful enough and caused injuries to others and financial losses. 

What will a personal injury attorney do?

A victim should schedule an initial consultation with a local injury attorney. This will be the first chance to explain exactly what happened and provide some background information. After the lawyer has enough information, they can begin to prepare documents that will be filed in the civil court and served to the defendant as well. 

Get help from an experienced attorney

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