After getting into an accident in Las Vegas, Nevada, a person should make sure they stop and give the other motorist their contact information and that they retrieve the contact information from the other party as well. This is necessary because even if there seems to be no serious problem right after the accident, a problem may arise later, and it is best to be able to contact the other driver in such a situation.

It is also vital to secure the other individual’s contact information so compensation can be discussed and arranged. Before just getting out of one’s vehicle and exchanging information, a driver should make sure they are not blocking traffic and they are in as safe a place as possible, so no further damage is caused. If the damage is severe and someone has been injured or killed, then it is necessary to contact the police right away to inform them of what happened.

A Nevada DMV Report must also be filed within 10 days of the collision if anyone was injured or there is at least $750 worth of damage done. If a police officer has already submitted a detailed report this DMV report doesn’t need to be filed by the drivers involved in the collision. A person should also report the claim to their insurer; however, this should only be done after an attorney has been contacted.

An accident attorney can help a person file their insurance claim, so they receive more settlement. If a person makes the mistake of fleeing from the scene of the collision, they can face serious criminal charges as this is considered a hit and run offense.

Is a hit and run crime considered a misdemeanor or a felony?

If a hit and run only caused property damage and no injuries or deaths it is considered a misdemeanor and can result in a person facing up to 6 months in jail and $1000 in fines as well as getting 6 demerit points.

On the other hand, if a person carries out a hit and run and there were injuries or deaths caused by the accident, they will be charged with a category B felony and they can face 2-20 years in state prison alongside fines of up to $5000. When a person carries out a felony hit and run, they will have their license revoked and they will not be entitled to a probationary sentence.

Anyone who has been a victim of a hit and run crime in which they lost a loved one or they suffered serious injuries should contact an accident attorney to help them file a claim, and possibly a lawsuit against the guilty driver.