How to prove liability in a pedestrian accident case in Wyoming?

When pedestrians cross a road or travel near large amounts of traffic, there is always the possibility that a driver can make a mistake and injure them. If this happens, they should discuss the situation with a local lawyer and learn more about civil lawsuits and negligence. Lawsuits are important when the insurance process is insufficient to cover losses.  

Local news for Las Vegas, Nevada reported on serious injuries to a pedestrian who was hit by a vehicle in the central part of the city on a Friday morning. 

Police receive call about an injured pedestrian after a motor vehicle crash

A Lieutenant with the metro police relayed information from the scene to the media. He said that officers had received emergency calls about an incident at the intersections of West Lake Mead Boulevard and J Street. Rescue workers responded to the area at about 5:30 am.   

After a brief investigation, police reported that the victim was in the street when he was hit by a vehicle. He was taken to a hospital in stable condition. 

Traffic in the area was still being rerouted at the time of the news report, and law enforcement officers on the scene were conducting a more thorough investigation. There was no information regarding whether anyone else in the area was hurt. 

Will insurance cover financial problems caused by a car accident? 

While attempting to get help after an accident, it is important to realize that auto insurance policies have limitations. These policies are primarily meant to protect drivers from large financial losses rather than pedestrians or others who may be involved in most cases. If the injuries are serious or fatal, a civil negligence case is usually the best way to receive payments large enough to cover medical costs and lost income. The type of lawsuit that is filed after most motor vehicle accidents is brought through the legal doctrine of negligence.

Negligence cases and Nevada law

Each state has a set of civil negligence laws, although all are fairly similar. They say that a person or business violated their standard duty of care, which resulted in some kind of tangible loss or harm. In the case of motor vehicle accidents, this usually means that a driver was not careful enough or violated a traffic law, which caused injuries to the plaintiff. 

The advantage of a negligence case is that it allows the plaintiff’s attorney to argue for a sum of money that will cover all of their client’s losses, no matter how large. 

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