Pedestrians should feel safe whenever they are walking on a sidewalk or anywhere else off of the road. However, some drivers are so reckless that they still find ways to harm pedestrians who are not even in the roadway. 

A crash in Las Vegas resulted in the death of a woman who was standing at a bus stop.

Woman is killed while waiting at a bus stop

Police believe that the victim was standing at a bus stop at around 4:00 pm at the intersections of West Owens Ave and North Main Street. A 2020 Toyota Camry sedan approached the area at a high rate of speed and did not appear to slow down at all. The vehicle struck and jumped over the curb, hit two light poles nearby, struck the bus stop enclosure, then hit the victim before coming to a rest with the victim trapped underneath. 

A lieutenant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said that the driver ran away from the scene on foot. The suspect was still at large the following afternoon when law enforcement spoke with the local news about the incident. Metro left a phone number for anyone with information about the crash or suspect to call.

The Clark County Coroner identified the victim as a 65 year old female. She died of blunt force trauma during the collision, and her death was ruled an accident.

Crashes that harm pedestrians

When an accident involves a pedestrian, the driver responsible for the crash will normally be found at fault in many cases. Pedestrians have the right of way on almost all roads, and alert drivers will usually be able to stop in time, even if a pedestrian is illegally crossing a road. In situations like the news story above, there is no excuse why a car should ever go up on a sidewalk. 

Leaving the scene of a deadly accident

Leaving the scene of an accident without making contact with the others involved or contacting law enforcement is a crime in every jurisdiction in the United States. In situations where someone is killed and the driver responsible leaves the area, there may be more serious criminal penalties than in non-lethal accidents.

Regardless of what happens with the criminal charges against the person who left the scene, it is important to contact a civil injury lawyer to bring a lawsuit against the driver responsible. This is the only way to make them pay for injuries.

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