A Chicago teacher has filed a lawsuit in the Cook County Circuit Court against the city of Chicago, alleging that an accident when cycling along the lakefront path left her partially paralyzed.

The city of Chicago, the Chicago Park District and A & L Inc face a lawsuit that alleges them of building a carelessly designed bike trail at 37th street. Jennifer Kraft, a chemistry teacher filed a suit against the city after her bicycle crashed along the lakefront path earlier last year. She ended up with a broken neck and shoulder blades, and a punctured spine, which led to partial paralysis. She is not only seeking damages for negligence but also to cover medical expenses and lost wages.
Lack of adequate signs remains a danger
According to Kraft, the trail had unsafe turns and drops while there were no warning signs along the way to indicate any changes. The 34-year old woman alleges that the lack of adequate signs caused her to lose control of her bike and plummet down a nine feet high abrupt drop. The winding nature of the trail along at one point threw her bike off the trail.
In the lawsuit, accident attorney for the plaintiff alleges that it was because the City of Chicago had not put up signs to warn bikers of changes in the bike trail that the accident occurred. The attorney argues that there was no way that his client could have known at the turn whether the trail comes to an end or continues further. He said that her life has changed due to the unsafe trail while the fact that there are still no warning signs, railings, lights or any other safety precautions on the trail, is a major concern.
But if you see a drop should you not stop on your own? Many people want to know how many other people have had this same issue?

If a business messes up then they should pay but not everything is a business's fault.

If a business messes up then they should pay but not everything is a business’s or some organization’s fault.

Jennifer recovers just enough to return to work
It took Kraft four months in the hospital to recover and resume an active life. Her once active life playing sports like biking, skiing, and football can only be partially resumed by playing mono sports like skiing and hand cycling. She plans to return to work in February.
While her attorney accuses the city for ruining her life Kraft says she does not want to blame anyone and hopes that the City will fix the problems along the trail so that another innocent person will not be hurt. She is claiming damages for negligence and money to cover her medical expenses and wages lost. She says that therapy is now her life and full-time job.
Friend of Hollywood star files lawsuit for head injury
Singing star Dolly Parton is being sued by a Tennessee couple Tedi and Derryl Brown for head injuries sustained while riding the Waltzing Swinger in a theme park named Pigeon Forge owned by the star. Wet weather and the slippery conditions caused Brown to fall 10 feet down into the concrete below. The couple is suing Parton for $475,000 in damages from Parton, who has refused to comment.
There are many people who want to know why is it Parton’s fault one chose to walk around in an unsafe environment? Dolly Parton cannot prevent Mother Nature from doing what Mother Nature does.

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