Almost 2 years since the incident, a woman who has suffered as a result of a hayride accident in 2013 has filed suit against the city of Dearborn seeking compensation, as reported in CBS Local. The plaintiff has been identified as Cynthia Cialone.

As per court documents filed by her accident attorney she has requested damages of $25,000. The lawsuit states that Cialone and her daughter, who at the time was 11 years old, were riding on a hayride wagon when it tipped over and crashed in Milford Township at Camp Dearborn.
Know what you sign!
The hayride fall left Cialone herself with broken bones and an injured neck, three ribs to be precise, while her daughter sustained injuries to the arm and shoulder. However, the attorneys for the City of Dearborn have filed a petition demanding the dismissal of the lawsuit based on the grounds that Cialone had signed a “hold harmless” agreement for both her daughter and herself.
Your fault people; toss the lawsuit out
The person who was operating the hayride wagon was a 28-year old man and it was revealed that he was intoxicated when the crash occurred as he pleaded guilty to an impaired driving charge in February of last year. He had however stated that the passengers were at fault also as they ignored his repeated requests for them to distribute their collective weight evenly, supposedly, they all crowded on one side of the wagon which caused it to fall over.
There were 16 people on board that day and five other lawsuits have been filed related to the same incident, according to personal injury attorneys.
41-year old female steel worker passes away in road accident
The driver of a semitrailer has been apprehended and taken into custody after he reversed into 41-year old Heather Warren who died instantly due to the blunt force. The incident took place at Great Lakes Works Cold Mill Shipping based in Ecorse, as reported in Detroit News.
The deceased woman who comes from Inkster was an employee for US steel and worked in its shipping department. The tragedy occurred as Warren was guiding another truck back into the facility for loading, which was something she wasn’t trained to do.
car crash accident at snow road in winter
A spokesperson for US steel said that the company was deeply sympathetic towards the family and they also confirmed that ALCO transportation was the other firm involved.
Warren is remembered by surviving family members as a kind-hearted person who would spoil little one’s in the family with presents. Initially, she used to work in the healthcare sector but made the switch to US steel with the help of a family member who also works at the same facility.
Michigan accident laws
According to Detroit accident attorneys, it is crucial for all Michigan motorists to understand at least some of the basic laws surrounding car accidents in the state. The first thing to understand is that Michigan falls under “no-fault state”. This means that in the case of any car accident, regardless of who is alleged to be at fault for the crash, both or all parties involved will approach their own insurance companies to seek compensation for damages.
To make sure that you are awarded fully with damages, it is always an excellent idea to get yourself an experienced Detroit accident attorney. However, the procedure is to basically fill out an application form called application for benefits. The form must be sent in duly filled within a maximum time period of one year from the date of the accident.

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