Legal Rulings Regarding Vehicle Repairs After an Accident in New London, CT

Facing serious damage to one’s vehicle after an accident is a common problem that drivers must deal with. As soon as a person gets into an accident and they check themselves to see if they are in good health, the question quickly arises of how they will pay for the damage their vehicle suffered.

Drivers can choose to get their vehicle repaired wherever they want. Even if a person’s vehicle was towed to a specific shop, they do not have to use their services. They have the freedom to pick wherever they would like their vehicle to be fixed up. In many cases, an insurance company may provide a list of shops from which they can get their vehicle repaired. The reason why they do this is that they often have agreements with these shops that cost them less.

Once again, at the end of the day, it is completely their choice where they opt to get their vehicle repaired. The insurer is required to pay for the damages of the vehicle until it is repaired to its previous state. If the car was completely totaled, then individuals can request to have the total value of their vehicle given to them. The value will be decided based on the current market value of their vehicle.

Disagreeing with the settlement amount offered by the insurance company in New London, CT

If a person gets a lower claim offer from their insurer, they should make sure they connect with a qualified attorney as soon as possible to help them with the following steps so they are not unfairly taken advantage of. It is in a person’s best interest to hire a lawyer as early in the claim as possible, so the process is quicker and smoother, without unnecessary delays.

If the accident and the property damage was caused due to another driver, that driver’s insurer is required to pay the full amount. If they fail to comply, a person can litigate against them through the help of an accident lawyer.

Every driver is expected to act responsibly on the road and that is why there are so many traffic laws present for everyone to follow. There are also serious legal penalties put in place for those who fail to abide by these rules, and all this is to reduce the chances of a person getting into a serious accident that could harm them physically and also cause property damage as well.

In the case that these laws were violated, or some external factor resulted in an accident occurring, a person should get in touch with an accident lawyer at Holth and Kollman, LLC to begin the legal proceedings.

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