Lexington, KY- A Lexington firehouse was damaged when a car slammed into the side of the building earlier this month. The car was flung into the building after it was hit head-on by a pickup truck driver who was killed.
Deadly Crash in Lexington
WTVQ reports that the accident occurred on June 6, 2017, at the intersection East Maxwell Street and Woodland Avenue. The TV-station reports that around 12:00 a.m. a large Ford truck on E. Maxwell barreled through a red light and hit a passenger car. After impact, the passenger car spun out and slammed into the wall of Fire House #5. The two occupants of the car were not injured.
After striking the car, the truck slammed into a light pole, killing the driver instantly.
The Fayette County Coroner’s office told WKYT that they detected alcohol in the deceased truck driver’s blood, so impairment is a likely cause of the crash.
Head-On or Wrong-Way Collisions
Head-on collisions don’t happen that often, accounting only for 3 percent of crashes, but such crashes are extremely deadly, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Despite for being the cause of so few crashes, a Virginia study found that a head-on collision is 27 percent more likely to be fatal.
There are several reasons why head-on collisions are so deadly. For one, they typically occur on interstates and freeways where drivers are traveling at a high rate of speed. These accidents happen so suddenly that drivers have little to no time to the react, and make evasive maneuvers.
Typical causes of head-on collisions include:
Distraction or inattention
Drowsiness or fatigue
Alcohol- or drug-impaired driving
Entering a ramp or highway in the wrong direction
Above are just a few of the common causes of head-on crashes. Regardless, negligence is always the root cause of traffic accidents, and the responsible drivers should be held accountable.
Consult an Accident Lawyer in Lexington

A wrong-way or head-on crash can shatter lives. Many people who are hit in head-on collisions are killed, leaving their families to pick up the pieces. Those fortunate enough to survive a head-on crash might suffer severe injuries and end up drowning in exorbitant medical costs. If you are an accident victim, you can recover compensation for your medical expenses and other costs related to your accident.
USAttorneys.com can connect you with an accident attorney in Lexington who can help you recover the settlement amount you deserve for your injuries. Call and set up a consultation with one of our lawyers today and learn how you can get the compensation. Act today and get the legal assistance you need.

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