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Driver Turns Himself in After Striking Farm Workers Outside North Carolina Walmart

LINCOLNTON, N.C. — In a surprising turn of events, the driver responsible for striking six farm workers outside a Walmart in Lincolnton, North Carolina, turned himself in to authorities on Monday. Daniel Gonzalez, 68, of Hickory, claimed the incident was an accident and that he fled the scene in a state of panic, according to the Lincolnton Police Department.

The Incident and Gonzalez’s Arrest

The incident occurred on Sunday when a compact, dark-colored SUV struck six farm workers who were shopping at the Walmart. The workers were in the United States under an agricultural visa for seasonal farm work, according to their employer, Jeff Crotts of Knob Creek Farm in Lawndale. Fortunately, the injuries sustained by the victims were non-life-threatening, and they were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Initially, authorities believed the collisions might have been intentional, and they shared security footage of the offending SUV, speculating that the driver might be an older white man. The FBI was called in to assist with the investigation. However, the situation took a dramatic turn on Monday when Lincolnton Interim Police Chief Brian R. Greene announced that the driver might be Hispanic or Latino.

Family Accompanies Gonzalez as He Surrenders

Daniel Gonzalez’s family members accompanied him as he turned himself in early Monday evening, the police said. According to relatives, Gonzalez claimed the collisions were unintentional and that he fled the scene in a state of panic. He was subsequently arrested for felony hit-and-run and later released on a $50,000 bond, the Lincolnton Police Department stated.

Prosecutors and Detectives Consulted on Charges

Initially, Gonzalez was labeled a person of interest in the case. However, the police later identified him as the suspect they had been searching for. Detectives collaborated with prosecutors to determine the appropriate charges, ultimately recommending felony hit-and-run.

Gratitude to Assisting Agencies and Car Dealerships

The Lincolnton Police Department expressed their gratitude to the FBI, the State Bureau of Investigation, and several car dealerships for their assistance in tracking down the SUV used in the collisions. The collective efforts of these agencies and businesses were crucial in helping law enforcement locate the suspect.

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