When truckers have to work long hours and drive great distances, the chances of them making a mistake or causing an accident greatly increases. Even if a driver is the only one involved in the collision, there still may be other entities who are partially at fault for the accident

A truck driver was killed in the Little Rock area in a single vehicle crash when his truck overturned on the roadside. 

Truck driver dies while driving on wet roads in Arkansas 

The 47 year old male victim from Wiseman was driving a 1997 Peterbilt 18 wheeler on U.S. Highway 63 when the accident happened. At some point, the driver went off the side of the road near Sharp County and his truck began to flip over. The driver was killed during the impact.  

Arkansas State Police responded and said the area was wet and foggy at around 7 am that morning when the crash occurred, but the exact cause is still unknown. No foul play or criminal activity was suspected. 

Is a single vehicle collision always the driver’s fault? 

While single car or truck accidents are usually assumed to be because of driver error, this is not necessarily the case. A number of other factors may contribute to a one vehicle crash beyond the driver making a careless mistake. These can include road conditions caused by other drivers or construction crews, drivers who leave the scene, mechanical problems with the vehicle itself, and improper maintenance. 

The victim’s family may be able to sue his employer if their truck was not properly maintained or mechanical problems are discovered. If the manufacturer who designed and produced the vehicle made a design or manufacturing defect, they can be implicated in a products liability lawsuit. These kinds of issues are one of the reasons why recalls on certain auto parts are so common, as the maker of the vehicle is attempting to avoid liability for possible injuries caused by defective parts. 

Payouts from insurance claims

If no one else is responsible, it may still be possible to get payments from an insurance claim related to the accident. Many drivers and businesses take out policies specifically due to the possibility of an unforeseen collision. To expedite the process of receiving insurance money, it is best to notify the provider as soon as possible and supply them with evidence related to the accident and the official report made by law enforcement at the scene.

Regulations for commercial drivers

All kinds of transportation workers are also required to only work a set number of hours to avoid fatigue and related problems that can contribute to accidents. These regulations are set by the federal government rather than each state, because vehicles frequently travel across state lines and engage in interstate commerce. If an employer tries to make a driver work beyond these hours, they can be subjected to various kinds of sanctions. 

Learn more about the possibility of filing a lawsuit

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