A 77 year old woman Akiko Belich passed away in the sauna or the steam room of a 24 Hour Fitness Club in Littleton Colorado and her body was only discovered the following morning at around 8 am on March 30th by two female members of the fitness club. Supposedly, the journal or log maintained at the front desk of the fitness club showed that Belich had signed in at around five minutes past one in the afternoon on March 29th.

According to paramedics, autopsy reports have revealed that Belich died due to acute renal failure which was a result of extreme dehydration which is expected to happen in a steam room as the body is deliberately made to sweat to enable the pores to open and is healthy if done for the correct amount of time.
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Woman’s dead body found in gym sauna by other gym goers
As reported by Kdvr.com, the women that walked into Belich’s dead body and were startled by what they saw were not even employees or staff of the fitness club but two other female gym members. One of them, Sonya Wasinger, commented in an interview that it what had transpired was awful and that they (club authorities) did not bother to make rounds to ensure everyone was ok. How come people cannot take care of themselves anymore?

Should the elderly be allowed to go into a sauna?
The autopsy also showed that Belich had already been dead for over 12 hours before her body was discovered by Wasinger and another female club member.
24 Hour Fitness, based in California, released a written statement which expresses condolences but does not detail if any employees were fired as a result of the mishap. They also worded that the safety of their members is always their first priority and they often revise policies to keep up safety standards.
The coroner at Jefferson County ruled the death an accident. However, the Belich family is already consulting an accident attorney and may sue 24 Hour Fitness. Why did the Belich family allow their grandmother to go into a sauna? 24 Hour Fitness should look into the sauna every so often though but Akiko Belich did choose to go into the sauna herself.
Three vehicle crash in Denver leaves one dead and another facing vehicular homicide charges
19 year old Rafael Rodriguez has been prosecuted for his involvement in a three car roll-over crash that occurred on the 12th of June and led to the death of a 71 year old woman from Denver, according to Denver Post.
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According to police report, Rodriguez was driving very rashly and was way over the speed limit when he caused the fatal accident. He has since posted a $50,000 bail and is free, but will have to appear in a Denver Court room on July 21st for his initial trial.
Denver, Colorado – auto accident laws
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