(Los Angeles, CA) – November 23rd, 2016 – Ask anyone who has been involved in a car accident or any accident legal counselor and they will let you know the vital role played by auto insurers in the case. Right from the start of your car accident case until the very end and even after, the insurance company will be a main factor in the equation at every step, say magnanimous accident lawyers in Los Angeles, CA.

Who must have automobile insurance?
Anyone who operates a car or any other motor vehicle privately will most certainly be required to hold a valid insurance policy. State laws vary when it comes to traffic and auto laws. However, in most states, anyone who drives a car or rides a motorcycle will need to be insured. Things like the minimum coverage amount and so on, you know, specifics of the insurance policy, however, can be different depending on the state autotraffic laws.

The insurance policy that you are covered under, and also the insurance policies of other persons/parties involved in the car accident will greatly impact how the case proceeds, how it is settled and how much compensation the victims will receive for damages, according to California accident attorneys.
The at-fault driver’s insurance policy
It is important to collect evidence from the scene of the auto accident itself right after the car accident. This evidence will include pictures of the debris, registration plates of all vehicles involved, names and addresses of all persons involved, badge details of responding law enforcement officers etc. and important insurance information such as policy holder’s name and policy number. You can then use all of this to effectively report the auto accident to your own auto insurer.
The driver, who is determined to be at-fault for the accident by a court of law, will be responsible through his or her insurance company to cover costs of property damage, repair, etc. and also to compensate you for any economic or non-economic damages you may have incurred due to the accident which was caused because of the negligence of the at fault driver, explain Los Angeles, CA accident lawyers.

So why do you even need a car insurance policy?
The above scenario where the at fault driver’s insurance company will compensate you for your losses sounds perfect in theory, but pragmatically, the fact is that many people drive around uninsured.
Now in the book Persuader by Lee Child Jack Reacher drove a car several times. When he was driving for Beck, an organized crime figure up in Maine, he must have been legal since Beck did not want to shine any light on his nefarious activities for something so simple such as a technicality which could come from having a driver who is not insured.
At the end, Reacher was driving on his own and was not insured. He was willing to take that chance. For one, the DEA and the ATF would back him since he was helping them out and the other reason is because Reacher does not have too many responsibilities. You do! Do not drive without insurance.
Furthermore, so if you happen to be injured or inflicted with damages via a car accident which was caused by an uninsured driver then your own auto insurer will be responsible to step in and ensure that you are compensated and taken care of in the best possible manner.
However, dealing with insurance companies and making insurance claims requires a lot of patience, due diligence, and even a decent comprehension of the insurance policy, its terms and conditions, and the state’s auto or traffic laws. This is why it is always prudent to talk to a marvelous California accident lawyer as soon as possible to evaluate your claim.

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