Louisiana accident victims can follow a simple process to start a lawsuit and receive compensation

Baton Rouge, LA – A car collision often results in several different problems such as paying for property repairs, missed time from work and lost wages, filing insurance claims, and seeking medical treatment for injuries. While this is a large inconvenience for most people, the assistance of a person injury lawyer who handles civil accident cases if often crucial in getting through this process and getting back to normal. Accident victims can help this process by following the directions from their lawyer and insurance company in a timely manner.

At the accident scene and immediately afterward

When a collision happens, the people involved will likely experience some kind of property damage or physical harm unless the crash is very minor. The local police should be contacted and all people involved should remain at the scene. Leaving the scene without contacting anyone else is a crime in every state of the country. The victim should also get in touch with their insurance provider as soon as possible to report the collision and start the claims process. The police will usually start their investigation after the area is secured and the victims are receiving medical treatment. Some of the evidence that they collect and the reports that they generate may become important at settlement negotiations or during trial.

The procedure to start filing a lawsuit

The victim can contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss their situation. If the lawyer and the client agree on representation, the process to file the case and exchange information with the defendant can begin. The attorney drafts an initial complaint that outlines the facts surrounding what happened and the amount of the victim’s losses. The defendant is given a chance to respond and either confirm or deny the allegations in the document. They also are required to share all relevant evidence and information through the discovery process. This assists with things like settlement negotiations and trial preparation.

As the case progresses, the parties can either draft a final settlement to end the case for a certain sum of money, or a full trial will happen if there is no agreement. The amount of compensation that the victim gets can vary greatly depending on the gravity of the victim’s injuries and ability to work and earn income in the future. The victim’s lawyer will give more specific advice about damages, specific numbers, and compensation.

Scheduling a meeting with a local accident attorney

There are injury lawyers who focus on helping people receive compensation for all of their financial losses associated with an accident. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf can provide professional advice and guidance through the process of a lawsuit and settlement agreement.

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