Louisiana driver dies after losing control due to a tire blowout

Baton Rouge, LA – Drivers and passengers are constantly advised to wear their seat belts. This is because there is much less of a chance of death or serious injury once the person is secured in the vehicle in this manner.  

KPLC news reported on a fatal single vehicle crash where a man from Louisiana died after losing control of his SUV [1].

Flat tire causes driver to lose control and cause a fatal crash

Louisiana State Police Troop D responded to the area of Interstate 10 West in Vinton. A 56 year old male from Lake Charles was driving on the road when one of his rear tires failed. The driver started to lose control of the vehicle and it flipped over several times before coming to a rest. The driver was ejected from the vehicle due to this motion, and it seems that he was not secured in the car with a seat belt. A passenger was also present in the vehicle during the crash, and they were taken to a local hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries. 

The state police were still investigating the crash at the time of the news report. They said that this accident seemed to be sudden and severe. There was also a statement that drivers should wear their seat belts to prevent these kinds of outcomes. 

Who is responsible for the accident?

In terms of civil liability, any party that directly causes an accident can be considered negligent. However, in single vehicle accidents where there is not another driver who caused the crash, it can be more difficult to identify a party at fault. It is possible that the unsafe road conditions may be the fault of a local government that is supposed to maintain the road or a construction crew. In situations where there is a sudden failure of a part or the vehicle, there may be a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. Because causes of single vehicle accidents are highly dependent on the specific facts at hand, each person who was injured should get legal advice about the possibility of a lawsuit and how to handle insurance claims. 

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