Baton Rouge, LA – Drivers in Louisiana are required to carry auto insurance in case of an accident, just like motorists in every other state. After a collision, the insurance process can be used to file a claim for compensation and determine fault. In addition to this process, accident victims may also decide to file a civil lawsuit for compensation to be paid for medical treatment costs, lost income, and other problems related to their accident. 

Determining fault after a car crash in Louisiana

Rules related to fault may determine how money is paid out and other outcomes related to car collisions. When a driver is determined to be at fault for causing the collision, they will have to pay for financial losses related to the accident, even if their insurance policy covers these losses. This is one of the reasons why liability coverage is built into just about every auto insurance policy. Fault is usually determined based on the details of a police or accident report, insurance investigation, or other crucial pieces of evidence. When it becomes clear that one driver is at fault, their insurance company or attorneys will usually decide to make a settlement agreement with the victims to pay for their losses. 

Responding to the collision through the insurance and legal process

Accident victims will usually have a few different options regarding how they can try to get payment for their losses. After any collision, it is important for victims to contact their insurance provider and start the claim process. Some insurance policies will cover costs related to property damage, liability for other victims, and other kinds of losses, however this can vary greatly depending on the specifics of the policy and most collision coverage has an out of pocket deductible for drivers. 

The insurance process in Louisiana also allows the victim to make a claim directly with the other driver’s insurance as a third party. This is most useful in cases where the driver’s fault has been clearly determined. 

A civil personal injury case is the most comprehensive option for victims who require large amounts of compensation for serious injuries and losses. The lawyer can argue for an amount that covers a combination of medical treatment and continued care, along with career and job losses and property damage. In some cases, the combination of lost opportunities, reduced quality of life, and healthcare costs can reach into millions of dollars worth of damages. 

Finding out more about injury lawsuits

There are experienced injury attorneys who are available to represent clients in the Baton Rouge area. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that provides superior representation and legal advice throughout the course of a lawsuit. 

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