New Orleans, LA – Drivers must have some kind of insurance coverage according to Louisiana state law. However, insurance coverage does not always solve all of a victim’s problems after the collision. The policy may pay out a certain amount for vehicle damage, minus a deductible, or cover a few thousand dollars worth of damages if the driver is at fault after a lawsuit. That is usually all that a standard auto insurance policy will do for the customer. People who are involved in serious accidents or have extensive issues after a collision will usually have to resort to the legal process and bring a civil case with the help of a lawyer. 

Insurance requirements in Louisiana

All drivers in Louisiana are required to have car insurance. A driver who does not carry insurance may receive a citation from a police officer during a traffic stop, and they may not be able to receive any kind of compensation at all after an accident. The state’s Department of Insurance regulates this process to prevent illegal increases in rates and other actions by the insurance provider. Most commercial insurance companies will provide drivers with specific information about a policy that is sufficient based on their driving habits. 

The limitations of insurance coverage

The insurance coverage of the defendant may be relevant in the sense that it will cover some of their liability. However, most standard policies for anyone involved will not cover more than a few thousand dollars worth of property repairs or liability. Car insurance policies generally do not cover very substantial losses such as long term medical care or years of lost wages. The defendant in the accident lawsuit will likely end up paying for these things mostly on their own if they are found liable. 

In general, many insurance companies would prefer that an accident lawsuit will settle for a few thousand dollars or less, and the losses are not catastrophic. This will help them avoid large payouts or reaching the customers maximum policy limit. Most drivers will be covered for at least $10,000 worth of losses under a basic policy, which the insurance company would be required to pay out if the accident results in at least that amount of damages. 

After a collision, it is recommended that victims contact a local personal injury attorney while they are dealing with their insurance provider. The attorney can review the situation and advise the client whether additional actions are necessary. 

Getting help from a lawyer after any issues related to a car collision is a legal directory that anyone can access and find a lawyer easily. Individuals who need help in New Orleans and Louisiana can simply choose a practice area and their local state to find the right kind of legal assistance.