Louisiana drivers should prepare for severe weather

Baton Rouge, LA – Louisiana and other states have to contend with severe weather at certain times of the year. This is extremely dangerous for drivers, as vehicles become much more difficult to control in these conditions, and it is also more likely that drivers of other vehicles nearby will lose control of their cars or trucks. Various government agencies provide information about weather to help drivers avoid being on the roads at these times. 

The Louisiana Department of Transportation gave advice related to driver safety as many parts of the state were expecting severe weather [1].

Drivers should make road safety a priority

The public information office advises drivers that road safety can be simple, yet effective as severe weather approaches. One tip is to pay attention to weather forecasts and any emergency warnings. Drivers can plan driving trips around times when rain, severe cold, or other potential dangers. It is best to be on the roads before or after the worst of the weather has passed. Another piece of advice given was to drive slowly on wet roads. An employee of the department stated that he has seen many auto accidents that would have never happened if the driver simply slowed down to avoid hydroplaning. A state police officer also commented that he has seen many accidents where people still think that they can still drive seventy miles per hour or faster in bad weather. This is obviously very dangerous and greatly increases the chances of an accident. 

What happens after an accident caused by bad weather?

One thing a driver should always keep in mind about driving in bad weather is their potential liability for a crash. Their insurance policy may not cover certain kinds of damage if they are at fault, and other drivers can potentially sue them and ask for compensation for things like their medical bills and lost wages. If there is a single vehicle accident caused by the driver’s own bad driving, it is also less likely that there will be any financial assistance available through their insurance or other means. 

However, after any accident it is still a good idea to speak with a lawyer and determine how to proceed. There can potentially be compensation available after a collision.

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