After a car accident in Louisiana, the driver who is found to be at fault is responsible for covering all the damages. Since Louisiana accidents follow a fault system, all a person must do is prove the negligence of the driver who caused the accident, and in turn, they will get compensated through that driver’s insurer. It is for this reason that all drivers in Louisiana are required to have sufficient liability coverage.

Having sufficient insurance ensures that a person will be able to pay for the medical bills and property damage suffered by the other drivers in a collision. Most individuals generally do not have thousands of dollars sitting in their bank account, so if they do not have proper insurance, they will most likely find themselves in serious debt.

In this fault-based system, a person still has the option of claiming their insurance, however, they should know their insurer will seek reimbursement from the other driver’s company. In Louisiana, all drivers are required to have a minimum f $25,000 for property damage, $30,000 for injuries to two or more people in an accident, and $15,000 for bodily injury as well. These damages can be recovered if the vehicle was being driven by the owner, a member of the owner’s family, or even any other individuals who had permission to be operating the vehicle.

If the individual operating the vehicle at the time of the collision did not have the permission of the owner to drive it, matters can become a lot more complicated as the question of fault and negligence becomes blurred. An experienced accident attorney who is familiar with the laws of Louisiana and who has dealt with similar cases before can assist a person in collecting evidence to prove that the other party was negligent and can help a person contact the insurer and secure a fair settlement from them as well.

In Ada, Louisiana, drivers are also supposed to purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage as it helps them recover their damages in the case the driver who was at fault was not properly insured.

What if more then one person is at fault for the accident?

Louisiana follows a comparative fault system in which more than one driver can be held responsible for the collision. If one driver was 30% responsible and the other was 60% responsible they will have their total settlement reduced by the amount they were at fault but they are still eligible to receive compensation for as many damages were caused by the negligence of the other driver.

Insurance adjusters, judges, and juries will decide the percentage of how much at fault a person was for the accident.