Employers and companies both large and small have many different responsibilities they must follow through with. For instance, a work environment is expected to be safe from both physical and mental abuse, hazard free, and promote a healthy work environment. But what happens when individuals work on construction sites, at chemical plants, or in the manufacturing industry? The risk heightens the moment these workers start their daily duties and it is up to employers to ensure they are doing everything necessary so that their employees aren’t put in harm’s way.
Granted, there are instances where work-related accidents occur and it wasn’t exactly anyone’s fault, but is many cases like the one presented below, work-related accidents can be prevented. Accident attorneys in Baton Rouge, Louisiana tend to take on these cases where damages are expected to be awarded for the mere fact the accident would not have occurred had the employer handled their business and protected their workers.

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After undergoing 13 surgeries, Milstead’s leg couldn’t be healed which resulted in it being amputated.

Why Did the 27-Year Old Receive Such a Large Payout?

When 27-year old Logan Milstead went into work on a day like any other back in December 2013, he didn’t expect a life-threatening accident to occur that would have him battling a case for nearly three years. Milstead is from Baton Rouge and worked for a chemical plant, Total Petrochemicals and Refining near St. Gabriel.
According to The Advocate, Milstead worked for the company as a docksman and his main responsibility was to test for chemicals as they were transferred between his plant and the barges and ships that moored the company’s floating dock along the Mississippi River. On the day of the accident, Milstead heard a loud noise coming from a loading arm. A loading arm is a device in which chemicals are transferred between barges and the plant.
According to the personal injury lawsuit filed on behalf of Milstead, the loading armed failed which resulted in a 6,000-pound counterweight to fall on Milstead’s leg. He was trapped underneath it for 1 ½ hours.  And after 13 surgeries, his leg was unable to be mended which resulted in it being amputated.
Now, accidents like this do occur in workplace environments, but what helped Milstead and his accident lawyer in Baton Rouge win the case was the fact that there were previous problems occuring with the loading arm before Milstead’s mishap. The company was aware and there was video footage to prove the machinery was broken. The company allowed their worker to go out under those conditions not taking into consideration what might happen if the loading arm failed.

Why Can Hiring an Accident Lawyer in Louisiana Increase Your Chances of Winning Your Case?

As a result of all the evidence and negligence on part of the employer, Milstead was awarded the following:

  • $8.2 million for past and future medical expenses
  • $2.4 million for past and future loss of wages
  • $10 million for past and future physical pain and suffering
  • $6 million for past and future mental anguish
  • $2 million for disability
  • $5 million for past and future enjoyment of life
  • $3.5 million for scarring and disfigurement

Although the company stated that they plan to appeal the jury’s decision, with the help and dedication of Milstead’s accident attorney, he was able to finally win his case just a few weeks ago in March 2017.

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