Some accidents that seem to be minor may result in particularly bad injuries. Unfortunately for defendants, even if these problems are unforeseeable, they can still be held accountable for all the related damage that they cause.
There was a car accident in Baton Rouge where a driver hit a car that happened to have a very old man in the passenger seat. He sustained serious injuries, likely due to his age, and this accident can demonstrate the relevant legal principles.

Elderly man taken to the hospital in Baton Rouge
There were reports that an 89 year old man in Baton Rouge was taken to the hospital after a car accident on Hooper Road. At around 4:30 pm, a white SUV went through the intersection of Hooper and Mickens Road. The SUV hit a tan colored car in the middle of this intersection, and the 89 year old was in the passenger seat. The other occupants of the vehicle said that they saw that the elderly man was bleeding from his head area and he was unconscious after the collision.
There were traffic delays in the area because of the accident, but no other information was available regarding traffic infractions or criminal penalties when the accident was initially reported by the news.
Fragile victims and related legal doctrines 
In the civil law, there is a doctrine that a defendant is responsible for all damages to a plaintiff which are tied to the accident they cause, regardless of the condition of the victim. If this elderly victim requires special treatment because of his age or other medical conditions, the defendant will still probably be held responsible for those. The defendant may even be sued again over any subsequent problems that result from those injuries at a later time.
This doctrine goes back to the common law idea of an “eggshell” or “thin skull” plaintiff, which most lawyers are taught about early in their careers. It essentially means that even if the person who is injured an accident suffers a particularly bad harm, it is still the responsibility of the person at fault to take those damages into account and compensate them accordingly. The fact that the damages may be much worse than expected is not a defense. Although it is important to realize that the defendant will only responsible for new or aggravated injuries, and not preexisting conditions from before the accident.
In situations where a victim does already have special medical conditions or other prior injuries to be taken into account during a lawsuit, this inquiry can become very complex. There needs to be a way, usually through evidence or testimony from a medical professional, of distinguishing which problems were actually caused by the accident versus issues a victim may have already been dealing with. Without this causation element, the defendant cannot be held responsible for those injuries, and they clearly cannot be may to pay for health problems from unrelated incidents.
To get help from a lawyer, it is not necessary to understand all of the intricacies of this law, as your attorney will handle much of this on your behalf and provide guidance. After a conversation with a lawyer, they can give specific detail about exactly how much your accident may be worth and what particular injuries you can claim as damages after an accident.
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